The Bibles are bound with Hard Case. Printed on thin printing paper having 28 GSM and above.
We produce wide range of Bible with Case Bound, where the book blocks are section sewn edges were Gold Gilted.
For Hard Case cover printed sheets with Gold Stamping and Lamination were done which are mounted on binder's boards. The thickness of the board varies accordingly. PVC coated papers were also used for case making.


These cover are made by using Bonded Leather materials with different texttures on the above. On these materials Blind Embossing as well as hot Gold Stamping can be done which gives an excellent get up to the finished product.
The sewn book blocks were Gilted and Round cornering with Gilting were done. The leather case was attached with Zipper to protect the edge Gilting.
These types of binding were done for the luxury edition. This type of binding can be done by using genuine leather.


We produce duotone Bible by using PU (Poly Urethane) materials.
These PU materials are in various colours.The different style of stitching gives a deluxe look to the product.
Blind Embossing as well as Hot Stamping can be done above this material. These materials are mounted on Latex Board to give the cover a flexible appearance.


The ideal way to carry the word of God is compact or pocket size.
We produce compact size of Bibles as well as New Testaments with different language in this size.
The binding of this kind of Bibles comprises of Leather Bound, PL Bound, Hard Case Bound and Paper back.


This type of binding could be done by Section Sewn of Perfect Bound.
The covers are printed on art board with required GSM.
To make the best appearance various operation are done in the cover like UV Coating, Matt or Gloss Lamination & Gold Stamping.


Poly Vinyl Coated Sheets are used as the cover material for this type of binding.
This material accepted Die Punching.
To get the better get-up of the cover Hot Stamping was done by using Gold or Silver Foil.These Plastic Laminas are found in various colours.


We produce various types of Diaries and Calendar with different types of binding as per the requirements of the customers.
The cover materials comprises of Hard Case, PU material used for making the Diary.
We also produce various types of Calendars such as Table Calendar, Wall Calendar etc. The Calendars are bound with different styles like Tin Mounted, Spiral and Wire Type.


We produce Magazines as well as News Paper supplements for the News Paper Industries.
The binding of the Magazine varies like center stitch binding and paper back binding.


We produced different kind of Coffee Table Books, Directories for different Clubs and Telephone Directory.
We also produce Annual Reports for various Bank and renowned Institutions.