Our passion for perfection is evident at the pre-press stage. Our exprienced manpower with a meticulous eye for details sets the stage for our creativity to take shape on the canvas of paper with the palette of ink. Our set of modern machinery works in tandem to produce the unimaginable results to delight our discerning customers.

The Machines in use are


Press is where our uncompromising quality is achieved by our zealous and die-hard team of experts who never stops challenging its own milestones at every step. The team is backed by the technological support of our line of state-of-the-art machines to produce the dream result. Making our press stage a competent and sought-after specialization we feel privileged to call our own.

The Machines in use are

  • mitsubishi_swapna
  • press_image_sp2
  • press_swapna_image
  • press_img_4

Machine Size Color
Heat Set Web (3 Units) 546 mm(21.5") Cut-off 8 col 4/4
Cold Set Web (10 Units) 578 mm(22.75") Cut-off 4 col 2 col
Cold Set Web (6 Units) 508 mm(20") Cut off 4 col / 2 col
Cold Set Web (4 Units) 546 mm(21.5") Cut-off 8 Col
Cold Set Web (6 Units) 440 mm(17.5") Cut-off 2 col
Sheet Fed Mitsubishi (1 no.) 28" X 40" diamond 3000 LS4 4 col
Sheet Fed Mitsubishi (1 no.) 28" X 40" diamond 3000 LS4 5 col with Coater
Sheet Fed Akiyama (1 no.) 22" X 32" diamond 3000 LS4 4 col
Sheet Fed Sumitomo 25" X 38" 4 col Perfecting
Sheet Fed Miller(3 nos.) 25" X 38" 2 col Perfecting


Post-press is where the beauty of our end products finds its ultimate expression. Our highly specialized team of post-press experts finds able support in the world-class range of machinery installed here to help them strive for the ultimate in printing standards. Giving your brand a pretty face, a smart look and friendly get up.

The Machines in use are

  • swapna_post_press1
  • post_press_swapna_2
  • swapna_post_press_img4
  • swapna_post_press4
  • Sthall Automatic Round Pile Feeder- 36"
  • Brehmer Folding Machine - 36"
  • 5 nos. of Thread Sewing Machine of various Make
  • 5 nos. of Three Knife Trimmer
  • 10 nos. of Single Knife Trimmer
  • 5 nos. of Multiple Clamp Perfect Binding Machine

  • 5 nos. of Single Clamp Perfect Binding Machine
  • One Brehmer 6 Stations Flow Line Machine with on line Three Knife Trimmer
  • One Harris 9 Stations Flow Line with on line Three Knife Trimmer
  • Kolbus Case Making Machine
  • Kolbus Book Line BF 40

  • Muller Martini BL 500
  • Ochsner Edgegilding Machine type 2010 High Speed Bundling Machine 4 nos.
  • 3 nos. of Joint Forming Machine
  • 2 nos. of Nipping Machine
  • 2 nos. Shrink Wrapping Machine
  • 6 nos. Strapping Machine
  • Proteck made Computerised Cutting Machine


  • Gloss and Matt Finish
  • Spot Varnishing
  • UV Coating


  • Hard Case - 10,000 books/day
  • Soft Case - 60,000 books/day
  • Saddle Stitch - 150,000 books/day