Swapna Printing Works stands as a hallmark of excellence in the art of printing.It has set an inimitable benchmark in precision printing with its passion for perfection and innovation. It is backed by state-of-the-art technology and the latest machinery to produce world-class end results. A pool of exprienced and talented experts with an eye for the minutest detail has set higher standards for the organization which remains the inspiration behind our uncompromising efforts to produce the best and the finest.

Swapna's journey had begun 30 years back and ever since it has journeyed down the path of glory and success, guided by the spirit of curiosity, knowledge and self analysis and improvement. This zealous endeavour has helped Swapna keep pace with the changing times and overcome the challenges in its path.

Today, the quality of its printing is appreciated bby many reputed and discerning customers not only in India but across the world. We feel proud and privileged to be able to not only meet but exceed the expectations of those who have put their invaluable trust in us.

At Swapna, we take immensepride in producing impeccable print works that become the face of successful brands. Sleek, smart and clear looks of the print products we create tell the story of our dedication to our business of achieving the best on the canvas of the art of printing. Only the best and the latest methods, technology and equipment are employed to deliver impeccable and products capable of setting new standards in the world of quality printing.Starting from the pre-press to press and then to post-press, our sophisticated machinery and expert operators function in perfect synchronization to bring you end products that in turn help us win much valued customer satisfaction.



Swapna Printing Works Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Buddha Dev Bhattacharya and Mr. Arunava Bhattacharya. Mr. Buddha Dev Bhattacharya is the Chairman of the company and Mr. Arunava Bhattacharya is the Vice-Chairman of the company .

The other members of  the board include Mr. Shatanik Bhattacharya  and Mr. Souvik Bhattacharya who are the Managing  Director and Joint Managing Director respectively .